Moments of Peace with Charles Suniga
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A note from Charles and Jeannine:
Please take the time to visit our friends at Minutes of Gold. They are doing a wonderful service for grieving mothers


What People are Saying

I heard some incredible music being played by a man at a piano as I was walking into the Spokane Women's Show. I promised myself I would buy a CD on the way out. Even though I was running late to meet a friend and my parking meter was out of time, I had to have some of that beautiful music to bring home.

I grabbed the first CD I saw, but before I could pay for it the musician beckoned me over to the piano with his finger while he continued to play. Charles Suniga and I ended up talking for half an hour about how important it is to reduce stress in our lives and how music is such a powerful way to do that.  I asked about his gift for music and how long he had been writing and playing music. Charles told me he wrote his first song when he was 8 years old and proceeded to play it for me. In the middle of the convention center lobby, I started crying. I don't often cry and certainly not in a public place, but Charles' music broke down my emotional barriers with its exquisite beauty.

I arrived at my friend's house half an hour late with "Moments of Peace: A New Beginning" in hand.  We were meeting to give each other Reiki sessions. With Charles' music playing, I experienced the most deeply peaceful Reiki session I've ever felt. I had connected with my heart and felt profoundly loved.

I went back to the convention center the next day to thank him for his incredible gift he's sharing with the world.  Just talking to Charles and his wife I felt surrounded by unconditional love. What a joy it was to meet them and how wonderful it is to feel so loved and at peace while listening to his music.

I now own all of Charles' CDs and continue to give them as gifts. I am a Reiki master and now play his music exclusively during Reiki sessions.

Thank you Charles Suniga!


Thank you so much. Always remember, talent like you doesn't come all that often. Sure, there are a lot of talented people that can make good music (whether you personally like the music or not), but in the still small vibes of a piano and a synthesizer, there is something different. There is you. There is the man whose music has helped me a lot. When I was gone in Idaho away from my family and everything I was familiar with, just thinking about your music (especially Mabel's Dance!!!) brought me comfort. ALWAYS remember that you are a one in a million artist. I don't think there's anyone that has been or ever will be like you. I love you guys. Keep on the good fight and bless people with your music!


"When Charles Suniga came to share his incredible gift of music with our young patients at Emanuel Children's Hospital, his soothing sounds provided a backdrop for relaxation. So much so, that he lulled one of our babes to sleep that hadn't been able to sleep for days following his surgery. What an amazing gift! Thank you, Charles!"

Lynn Davis
Child Life Specialist
Legacy Emanuel Children's Hospital

Wonderful music! Several years ago I started a radio station, because I could not find such beautiful and peaceful music. I hope to be including you in our regular programming. Thank you for sharing your creations.

Spirit Within New Age Radio

Charles' music is truly music for the soul. The world needs your music. It is beautiful, inspiring, and enlightening. Thank You Charles and Jeannine for giving so much of yourselves to the world and your friends.


We had Charles playing in our lobby for the fall show last weekend. And the boomers loved him. He plays, sings and chats with the attendees and vendors. He really connects with your attendees in a way they will not forget. It was a great addition to the show.

He Charms the ladies by slipping their names into a song periodically. He delighted the public as they arrived at the show. Many attendees bought all six of his CDs. We had many positive comments from the vendors and public alike.

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Lane County Home Shows

Last February, Jack joined the family group after work at the Home Show in Portland, stressed out. He stood for a moment, listening, and said to my daughter, “OH Leslie, LISTEN!” Those beautiful cadences flowed throughout the buildings and added such enjoyment to our evening.

I later found you…and bought two CDs, which give me peaceful enjoyment each time I play them. I especially love “Mabel’s Dance” IT IS SO BEAUTIFUL! Thank you for your beautiful music, Charles!


I was making a quick, stressful trip to Salem and got stuck in the Portland airport. It was the best part of the whole trip because I heard Charles Suniga playing Moments of Peace and it changed my whole attitude. I sat down and just listened. I was lifted right out of my crabby self. I bought that CD and have played it literally hundreds of times and only wished I had bought more. Thank you, Charles Suniga, for sharing your beautiful creations with us.


Wow!!! What an awesome performance. You really touched my soul as you are talented with more than just your music!!! You are truly a gift to all who experience your performance. Thanks

PS – Please that your wife as well, what a gracious unsung hero.

Joann & Joe

I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciated the music provided by Mr. Charles Suniga when I had a long layover between planes recently. This was first-class entertainment, and certainly gave me a very good feeling about the Port of Portland and your desire to make travelers comfortable.

I was on my way to visit a cancer patient, and I bought one of Mr. Suniga’s CDs to help my friend relax in the enjoyment of his music. I certainly did! This made a nice gift for someone who does not have many joys in her life right now.


I was at the expo Center on Oct 23rd taking tickets for the Women’s Fair. I had goose bumps the entire time listening to your playing. I bought Spirit Rising and I can’t get enough of it. It goes with me everywhere. I have never gotten such inner peace from any music as I have yours and I just had to let you know. Thank You for sharing your talent with the world.


Received the wonderful CD, there are no words to describe what I hear. I am always so hyper and raring to go and a working nut at times. My heavenly marriage to my honey of 36 years and the four most wonderfully blessed children any one girl could hope for. In 2000 our little world came to a crashing halt when I was given six months to live. Well this was one thing I personally could not share with my children, you can say it would be unfair not to let them know, but unfair to whom. I chose to ice the cake and let them know all is well. Two days after hearing this I heard this music and my soul felt it, as if a healing of peace was above me. It took my breath away.

Everyone has a moment in time and I know hearing your music was and is my moment in time. As you can see, there are answers for why I am here and I would probably be called foolish, but I know the spirit has been healed, if only for a moment in time.

Thank you, Charles and Jeannine


Thank you so much for being the miraculous healing influence in my life last Monday at the Portland airport. Words cannot express how precious those moments were to me.

I was in Portland for several days, trying to support my family through a very devastating crisis that caused a great deal of heartache and shattered many lives. It was a very difficult time. Several times during the days I was in Portland, I was saddened that my late-husband was not there with me to give me a little moral support and some comforting hugs. When my family dropped me off at the airport, my heart ached that I had to leave them. They were in such pain and chaos and certainly needed extra support. It was a very emotional and heartwrenching farewell. As I turned to enter the airport, I desperately hoped for a quick check-in so that I could find a private place to try to put myself back together. That wish was not to be. The check-in line took over one hour. Each minute waiting in line, seemed like an eternity as I struggled to choke back the tears or to quietly wipe away the tears that escaped.

After I checked in, I turned to find my way to Gate C. I seemed to be in the middle of the check-in area. At the end of the area to the left was a sign that pointed to "all gates" and to the far right was another sign that pointed to "all gates". Such a tiny decision of which way to go somehow seemed to carry more importance than it should have. I chose to go to the right. For being closest to Gate C, going to the right was the wrong decision. For being in the midst of a healing miracle, it was exactly the RIGHT decision.

As I realized that gate C was to the left, I found myself feeling the weight and fatigue of being physically exhausted, mentally weary and emotionally spent. Each step back toward Gate C seemed as heavy as my heart. As I walked slowly toward Gate C, fighting back the tears, I heard piano music floating through the seemed to be vaguely and distantly familiar. I glanced over toward the piano as I walked passed and saw you playing....again, there was a very vague and distant familiarity. I kept walking toward the security checkpoint, offering a silent prayer that there was such beautiful music in a hectic airport that was providing me with a glimpse of peace. Suddenly, another ethereal sound was added to the piano notes. It was a sound that stopped me in my tracks and caused the tears to flow without any way to stop them. I recognized the music. The unique keyboard sound had such a beautiful peaceful energy. It was music that was familiar because it was the music that had healed my heart many years ago.

I heard that same music 20 years ago. My husband and I had travelled to my hometown of San Francisco, California, to attend a family funeral. It was a very painful week-end of sorrow. Before starting our long journey home, we decided to spend just a short time visiting some familiar sites in downtown San Francisco. As we walked near Macy's department store, we heard beautiful music filling the air through Union Square. It was music that so touched our hearts that we abandoned our other plans for the day so that we could sit in the park and listen to the music for more than an hour. The music was peaceful and yet uplifting. As we sat in the park and listened, our hearts began to heal and our souls began to lighten. My husband purchased a tape of the music so that we could enjoy it for many years to come.

Often when I arrived home from work, I heard the exquisite sound of that tape permeating our home. When I heard the music, I always knew that my husband had been in need of a little lift, some moments of peace. Sadly, through the years and a couple of moves across the country, the tape was lost. Several years ago, my husband was diagnosed with a terminal, inoperable brain tumor. We had many sleepless nights and sorrowful days. More than once, he mentioned that he wished we could remember the name of "that guy in San Francisco with the healing music" or that we could find that tape somewhere. He said the music soothed his soul. A few months later, my husband passed away.

As I stood in the middle of the Portland airport, hearing the unique sound of YOUR beautiful music that had soothed my husbands soul so many years ago, I knew that he was there with me to help heal my heavy heart and troubled spirit.

Thank you Charles for being there in the Portland airport, for sharing your incredible talent, for creating music that touches the heart, heals the soul and provides moments of peace in this hectic world. Thank you for talking with me...for knowing that the few moments that we spent together were powerful moments for me. You are a very precious soul. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


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