Moments of Peace with Charles
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About Moments of Peace

Charles Suniga is known for his unique approach to music. His approach, unlike anyone else, is elegant piano and string melodies called "Moments Of Peace". Charles started composing music at the tender age of 8 years old, before digital keyboards had been invented. During this time, as Charles was composing music, he heard string melodies in his head and in order to release what he heard, he learned to whistle the strings as he played the piano. Later, when digital keyboards were first introduced, Charles began composing the melodies he heard in his head; Piano and Strings combined.

During a very troubling time in Charles' life, he found himself on the Oregon Coast pondering deeply about life. It was then he picked up a stick and wrote "Moments Of Peace" in the sand. Seconds later an ocean wave came and washed it away. It was then that Charles realized… all we have in life are Moments of Peace. And so, Moments of Peace was born. Charles then created each Album to be an hour long of Moments of Peace…. Music beyond words and melodies to help assist you in finding your moment of peace.

Today Charles is well-known and well-respected independent artist who lives in Portland Oregon. Over the years he has produced, composed and recorded 7 albums and two of which were nominated for a Grammy (Spirit Rising and Still in the Moment). The melodies are described as "Heartfelt" , "Enriching", "Captivating" "Romantic" and music that reaches the depth of your soul. Charles plays all his music live, nothing is pre-recorded, so the music breaths with depth and movement. Many music instructors have described Charles' music as "Impossible", as he plays ALL of his piano melodies with one hand, treble and base! While his free hand plays his string melodies. His music can be described as simple sounding melodies with complex musical structure.

Charles Suniga is much more than an amazing piano player; he is a hidden entity here in Portland. He receives hundreds of testimonials through mail and e-mail, he has many recommendations on Linked-in, numerous 5 star reviews on CD Baby, and on top of that, fans that tell us every day on Facebook and in person that if they could wear out a CD it would be Charles Music. For the community, Charles has helped raise money performing benefit concerts that helped assist the Portland Children's Hospital and other local charities, as well as donating CD's to help Cancer patients, which turned into a story that made the News in 2011; A KATU News Broadcast called "Everyday Heroes".

Charles Suniga is a gift. A gift to all whose lives he touches with his music, his smile and his love. Spend a few moments or minutes or hours with him and you will be different, changed a bit and beguiled be the infectious twinkle in his face and the beauty of the music he creates to share with everyone he meets.

His scope is wide. The emotions he can generate, from his "Louis Armstrong' to "Mabel´s Dance' to his stores make you want to dance and laugh and sometimes cry. Go ahead…it´s OK. His enthusiasm for life, his treasured "Moments in Peace' reflect the possibilities, the dreams of a better world. Charles is humble. He is gentle. He is funny. He is sincere. He is real.

Melody pours from his touch on the keys and tugs at your heart. Listen to Charles Suniga and you will be glad you did. Pause, relax and enjoy. Charles is an entertainer, a teacher and a friend, quick to acknowledge the talents and contributions of others who grace his stage and his life. He is a very nice man who shares himself with us all.

Charles Suniga's music, Moments of Peace, has a purpose for each individual listener and it's a purpose is one that the world needs. Humanity as a whole is tense and overwhelmed… high stress levels choking out the meaning of life… Moments of Peace brings a breath of fresh air and relief to all those who suffer, and it enhances our natural appreciation for being alive, bringing serenity to every cell in our body."

moments of peace

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